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It’s been seasons since I last posted.  The simple fact that I can say that would have made 2013 Me really happy.  2013 Me couldn’t even imagine getting to where I am today.  I haven’t written because I haven’t need to.  I don’t think about my hips all the time anymore.  Most of the time I don’t think about them at all.  They no longer rule my life, activities, thoughts and I am no longer in chronic pain.  I guess what I’m saying is that, cross my fingers and knock on wood, I’m better!

Sure, better is relative.  I am so much better than I was a year ago when I was being primed for the possibility of a hip replacement because of the persistent and exhausting pain.  I am better than I was after each of my four surgeries.  I can sit cross-legged on the floor and I am back to flying trapeze, aerial silks, the gym – everything but running (but I think I’ll get there). No – I’m not better than I was before all of this started. I do still have some pain, mostly aches if I sit too long or push myself too hard but at this point, who cares?  I sure as hell don’t.

I saw my surgeon Dr. Sink at HSS today for what was basically my 2 year follow-up from my PAO and my almost 2 year follow-up from my SDD.  EL with crests 3.5.15

To my surprise I was told that I don’t need to come back for three years, and then only if I want to.  We agreed that I’ll probably need a hip replacement (or two) sometime down the line but for now, I’m A-OK.  In fact, my x-ray weirdly looks like I never had a single surgery.  It took me twice as long as to heal as normal so yea, it was crazy how long it took – like molasses on a 10 degree incline slow – but I am pretty much there. I also know that Dr. Sink and everyone at HSS will be there if my hips falter, my stand-by support system.


So as of now, the blog part of this site, as it is, is on indefinite hiatus. I’ve decided that I am going to maintain and improve the site so that people who are searching for information have a resource.  I still get between 50-100 hits a day, so clearly there are people out there who are looking for information and I’d like to help them.

For most of you it’s “until we meet again.” Thank you all, for the kindness you have shown me.  I was not alone through this – you were with me, reading along, and I am genuinely grateful.


My Unscrew’d New Years

It’s that time again – time for New Years Champaign and celebrations another hip surgery!  Heck, I would barely know it was the holidays were it not for my annual surgery (in case you’re counting, this is year 3).

The good news is that this one’s supposed to be WAY easier than the last two.  As of 12:30pm tomorrow, New Years Eve, I am having all of the screws in my hips removed.  The procedure, expected to take less than an hour, will be bilateral (on both hips) and will involve my fantastic surgeon removing 5 screws from my right hip and 3 from my left greater trochanter.  Two big incisions to be sure (they will be reopening the incisions that were previously made and healed), but hopefully not TOO much pain.  If all goes perfectly, I could be home in time to see the ball drop.  Otherwise, I’ll see it from my bed at HSS.  I honestly hate New Years Eve so spending the day in the hospital didn’t sound like such a bad option.

The screws have been rubbing the soft tissue and causing a lot of pain and inflammation, especially on my left side where the pain shoots into my knee and all the way down to my ankle.  On the right side, I can feel the heads of the screws through my skin — CREEPY! On a positive note, the screws are no longer needed.  Since they were initially installed (in December 2012 and May 2013), new bone has grown in the spaces that the screws were holding in place and now they are superfluous.  The idea is that once the screws are all removed and I get back to physical therapy, there should be no impediment to my getting better — like all the way, walk without pain or a limp, do things like a normal person, better.

Until tomorrow!

Cabin Fever!

Yep, totally starting to lose my mind. Cabin fever is taking over. I’m allowed to start putting a little weight on my leg starting tomorrow (at the 5 week mark) but it my next follow-up is not for almost 3 more weeks. So until then, I am pretty much a homebody.
Cabin Fever

I did a search for “cabin fever” photographs but kept ending up with a sorta creepy movie poster but then, after searching for “cabin thermometer” I found this rare gem.  Log cabin syrup…digital thermometer.  It is just about as absurd as staying inside, almost constantly, for 5 weeks to date.

Over lunch I made a video of my mobility skills.  Yep, almost 60 seconds of me showing off my walker and how I can stand on 1 foot and shimmey side to side.  It seemed lika a really good idea at the time but, honestly, who is the target audience for this video?  I have seriously got to get out of the house from time to time!


Preparing for Surgery

I am 15 days, a little more than two weeks, away from my RPAO and I realized that I need to make sure that I have started to get everything together that I am going to need, day of and once I get home.  It’s crazy all the things you have to think of when you realize that you are going to be out of commission for a while:

1. Order my Durable Medical Equipment (shower chair, raised toilet seat, rental wheelchair) for delivery to my house when I am in the hospital — Check!

2. Order sundry medical aids for use at home after the surgery (pick-up grabber, foam cushion, sock put-on aide) — Check!

3. Take a look at my Suggested Pre-Op Purchases (which can be viewed under the drop-down titled “R U A HIpster?”) to see what I need to shop for in the next two weeks. — Check-ish (this is gonna take a while but it appears I have most of the stuff I need)

4. Line up people to take care of walking my dog / feeding my cat while I am in the hospital (and once I get home) – Check!

5. Make sure all Christmas gifts are purchased in plenty of time!  This is a tough one because I am a terrible gift picker outer and now, I have less time to think about it. Ugh.

I think this is a good start.  Once I started to write it all out it began to feel a little overwhelming, so I gave up for the night.  The one good thing about the surgery is that it will be over and then there’s nothing I can do about it.  I can’t make my hip become unbroken — it will be broken and I have to figure out a way to deal with it.  Whatever I didn’t do will get done.  Whatever plans I have will work themselves out.  I truly believe that this will all come together in the end, and it will be fine, whether or not I plan it to an inch of its life.

Is it weird that I think that having a surgery that will break me into bits is having the effect of putting me together into a calmer, more reasoned person?  Yep, think it is.


We’re still here in Miami, enjoying the sun, eating extremely well and relaxing like we were born to it.  We have another day here; it seems so strange to go back to New York, and to my life and responsibilities. My surgery is 19 days away, a little less than 3 weeks. My first pre-op appointment is 9 days, my second 10. I figured I’d be freaking out by now.  Instead, I’m not really concerned at all. If anything, I’m feeling introspective.

I have never had a broken bone.  In 19 days I will have three.  I have had stitches on my knee and where the portals were for my arthroscopic surgery but none of those scars are more than 3/4″ long.  Each of my hip upcoming hip surgeries will require an incision between 8″-10″ long. The scars will run down my legs, be visible when I wear a swimsuit and possibly above the waistband of my pants. after the surgery and healing, I will have more bone in my body than I did before the surgery. I will be disabled for weeks or months, will stay in the hospital days probably 5 days. I will be, in some ways, transformed from this surgery. Yes, for the good because hopefully it means that I will be back to being able to function.  But I will be transformed, fundamentally, and I can’t seem to wrap my head around that.

I am waiting to freak out, again, but for now I’m just vacationing inside my head.