R u a hipster?

The information provided in these sub-page drop downs is intended as a resource for others who have suffered with hip problems or are considering / planning to have PAO, SDD, scope surgery or THR (total hip replacement). This info can also be used by friends and family of people with hip problems, to get a better feel for what your loved one is going through and what their needs may be.

3 thoughts on “R u a hipster?

  1. Danielle

    Hello! I stumbled across your website in my search for info regarding PAO. I was recently diagnosed with dysplasia and retroversion after 5 failed scopes and 14 years of pain, and will be undergoing my first PAO at the end of the summer. I’ve found your website and blog extremely helpful! I wanted to see what you thought of dr. Sink and hss? What would be one piece of advice you’d give to someone heading into this? Thanks for your time!

    1. dramaticallyhip Post author

      Hi Danielle,

      Apologies for my delay in responding. I am really happy that my site has been helpful for you – that’s a big reason I put it together.

      I had an outstanding experience with Dr. Sink, his staff, and the staff at HSS. Dr. Sink is extremely skilled and has an outstanding bedside manner (I would assume he is performing your surgery — you will find it truly reassuring to have a caring person checking in on you in the days and weeks following). His staff was always available to answer questions and if they weren’t immediately available they got back to me promptly. I had a great time at HSS following all 3 of the surgeries I had there. I honestly had nothing but positive experiences. I know that, once you are in a roon, there are a few nurses that can be a bit less touchy-feely but I never had any problems. They were prompt in providing meds. If you have problems with pain, you should discuss that with your in-hospital doctor at your pre-op appointment to make sure they are aware. Remember to be your own advocate while you are hospitalized and tell people what you need.

      Let me know if you have any additional questions – you can email me at Emily_lawson@yahoo.com. Also, let me know when your surgery is – if I am by HSS (which I often am for PT) I’d be happy to stop by.

  2. Breanne Campbell

    Hello! I just stumbled across your blog. You have just explained to me what is wrong with me more clearly than any other doctor or website has in the past six years… so thank you!!! Unfortunately it’s because I have EXACTLY what you have =( I have acetabular retroversion hip dysplasia and had multiple labral tears from FAI. I had a “reverse” PAO in early 2012, which was following 2 scope labral repairs and femoral reshaping. The PAO was with Dr. Keith Mayo in Tacoma, WA and left me with 6 screws and some relief (the impingement has been relieved, so the labrum remains intact), but I’m still in a ton of pain with a lot of issues. My fourth surgery was an iliopsoas lengthening in late 2013 which unfortunately made things much worse. Now I am killing time, trying everything I can, until it gets “bad enough”, or I hit golden 40 so they will replace it. I’m excited to read through your site. Do you know of any good communities that don’t charge? Or do you think hip chicks is worth the paid membership? Just looking for some people to talk to, and maybe some things I haven’t’ thought of or tried for relief. Nice to meet you!


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