Miami bound

Today is Thanksgiving (for about the last 15 minutes).  A day for giving thanks and a day for turkey and family.  I am certainly thankful but I will be seeing a lot of my family in the next few weeks because of the surgery.  Oh, and I don’t eat turkey.  So we are going to Miami.

The idea came out of my husband and my realization that after this first surgery (and really the second since they are so close together), I will not be able to take a vacation for a while because I really won’t be able to walk.  Also, I’m basically using up all of the goodwill (and sick days) at my office so a vacation isn’t really realistic for a while.  So we figured that a few days in the sun, hanging out on the beach and eating good food would be a wonderful way to spend time together before the mass drama begins.

I have to admit that it might have been one of the best ideas we have had in years!

In terms of thankfulness, I am incredibly thankful for so many people. My surgeon who will skillfully fix my hips.  My parents for being super supportive and for coming out to take care of me.  My friends who will visit and who actually care enough to read all of my drama.  My pets who will smother me with affection to try to make me better.  My job for being so understanding.  But more than anyone, I am thankful for my incredibly and amazingly wonderful husband who has to put up with my whining and wincing every day, who has to pick things up off the floor because I can’t bend over and who doesn’t push when I say that I can’t do this or that.  He is always there for me in ways I would never think to ask and I do not believe that I could get through this without him.  It is for my most wonderful and perfectly imperfect husband for whom I am thankful most of all.

Miami photos soon, I promised!!