Today I am calm.  Maybe it’s the fact that I turned in my assignment for my Con Law class or that I am almost done with my classes this semester but for whatever reason, I feel strangely calm today.  I have to admit that it’s nice.

My first PAO surgery is 27 days away, less than 4 weeks, less than 1 month.  Before the surgery I have lots to do and I’m actually looking forward to getting it all done.  I have to finish my classes, finish my law review assignment, go to Miami for Thanksgiving (yea!!!), order my equipment, have two pre-operative appointments, work, and emotionally prepare myself.

My plan is to work through the day before the surgery. If I don’t work and I just sit at home I am sure I will freak out.

However, for today, I am calm. Ahhhhhhhhh…….

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