Starting to Panic

(NOTE — this is from 11/12/12)  I’m not sure if it’s the surgery of the fact that I haven’t really eaten anything today aside from coffee but I am totally starting to panic.  I thought that if I wrote it down in this blog it would start to feel better, less like I am freaking out.  Not so much.

31 days.  In 31 days I could grow a rabbit.  Or a skunk.  If, I guess, I were a female rabit or skunk.   But you get my drift.  31 days is the countdown and I am FREAKING out.

Oh, and as if to top it off, I think I caused a hairline fracture in my front tooth.  So I will be gimpy and basically look like a hillbilly if they have to remove the tooth.  I really really really hope they don’t.

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