Check-up tomorrow!

As of tomorrow (Thursday), I will be 7 weeks post-operation.  Normally, following a PAO, your second post-op appointment is after 6 weeks and at that point, the doctor takes x-rays and says “wow!  look at that bone!  you’re ready to start PT and putting weight on that leg!”

20130130-190058.jpgSince my second post-op appointment will be 7 weeks post-op, I kinda just started pretending (imagining? dreaming?) over the last week that I had met with my doctor and that he had said I could put some weight on my leg.  So I’ve been illicitly gimping around the apartment, using only one or, dare I say, no crutches…

See how shocked and judge-y I am of myself!  Bad Emily!  No weight on that leg!

This method of getting around isn’t pretty and I am absolutely positive I would kill myself if I tried this outside but to be able to get around my Brooklyn apartment without banging my walker into each and every door and frame is my own little piece of heaven.

But, even better than that (and this is the really exciting part) — I have my follow-up tomorrow!  That’s right – at 10am, I will be at Dr. S’s office, getting x-rays and discussing how I have been and if I can (legitimately) put weight on my leg!  This is a big step and a really important meeting, not only for my right hip, but expecially for my left because in addition, we will be discussing what surgery I will have on my left hip!  Will it be a reverse periacetabular osteotomy (a reverse PAO)?  Will it be an Open Surgical Dislocation and Debrievement (an SDD)?  Will it be a combo of both???  Could it be a PAO with arthroscopic procedure??  Yes, it will be something and yes, I will have something broken (pelvis if PAO, femur if SDD, both if a combo) and yes, it is gonna suck but I am SUPER EXCITED!  Every surgery means I am one step closer to being better.  Honestly, let’s do it all.  I would be happy(ish) to have a combo surgery if that means I don’t have to have another surgery later (until the eventual hip replacement but let’s not get into that).  Anyway, it’s only a few hours away and I am psyched.

sinus problemsOh, and after that I’m having a PT evaluation at HSS (yea!) and a CT scan of my sinuses because of evil allergies / problems which is, however, a totally different story (until I have to have some sort of surgery which would be so totally par for the course).  But let’s not put the cart before the horse. (I did not draw this; however, based on my drawing skills I understand any confusion).

I’ve been reluctant to post anything new because, really, I am at home about 90% of the time and am either working or watching TV so there’s not much to say.  However, Guy and I took a trip to the mall (Short Hills mall, at my friend Patrick’s request) and Michaels Crafts and Macaronni Grill this past Saturday and it was fricking fantastic.

20130130-190112.jpg Guy, amused by the fact that we are at ‘dining’ at Macarroni grill (where we go EVERYTIME we leave NYC).


Me, pretending that I am too cool to go to the NJ and the mall (but secretly picked out my outfit days in advance and took the time to curl my hair).




Exhausted and weighed down with bags at the end of our day.  Wheeling around the mall on the hard marble and tile floor = fantastic, a breeze.  Wheeling over the plush, sumptuous carpeting at certain high-end clothing stores my husband loves to frequent = like getting stuck in a mudpit.

20130130-190132.jpg20130130-190140.jpgFinally, here are the planters I made with all the ‘flowers’ I purchased at Michaels.  Watering be damned – these are gonna ‘live’ forever!

Wish me good luck tomorrow and I’ll be sure to update soon!

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