Not so good, but I like it!

Tomorrow is six weeks since my surgery and for, like, 95% of the time, I have been inside this house.  And I really don’t mind, I don’t — I like it, I mean, I have stuff to do and work and it’s really not bad and I’m not in pain, just stuck here.  But it’s January and it’s really cold so going outside sounds pretty miserable which makes staying inside and recovering sound pretty good.

So in this free time, I started reorganizing my music, which I NEVER listen to, because when I work or study I need total silence (or brown noise – – like white noise but deeper) but I have time so, what the heck.  And I realize I have all these songs, one off songs, weird things that I keep coming across and thinking “why do I have this? When did I buy this.”   And then I play them, and they all have this energy in common.  This happy, rocking, fun beat energy and I realize, all these one off songs are the songs I used to listen to when I used to run.  Before all of this hip crap started and the doctors told me not to and that I might not ever again.  And I haven’t run in a really long time so I forgot about the music.

But now, now I remember how much I used to love to run.  I don’t know exactly what it is — it’s really hard on your body and, let me tell you, I am not a good runner.  I’m not fast, I don’t want to BE fast, but I LOVE that time when I am outside, on my own, with these silly pop songs bouncing through my head as I run to the park or a friends or even to the bowling alley (seriously).  I’m not good at it but I like it and it makes me happy.  And you know what else, it makes me really happy that I had this surgery because (fingers crossed), these surgeries will mean that I get to run again.  And I will never be a good runner but I’ll be out there and I am so excited about that!


2 thoughts on “Not so good, but I like it!

  1. andirunner

    Just curious – did your doc say you can run once everything’s healed? I’ve gotten so many conflicting reports; some are sort of okay with it (minimal mileage) and some say absolutely not, never ever again. It seems to depend on the doc and not on the patient. Just wondering. But oh, if I could run again once this whole thing has come to its end…..yikes. I will be so, so happy.

    How cool will that be for you (us)? 🙂

    1. dramaticallyhip Post author

      Hi Andi! Yes, my dr. said I can run and do everything a non-hip-drama person can do once I am all recovered from my surgery, which is a really big part of the reason that I decided to go through with the surgery as soon after I received my diagnosis. I want my life back and unlike THR’s, PAO’s mean that you can have your life without restrictions! Each dr. is different but there are a lot of women on the boards who have returned to running once they were all better!


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