I had no idea how it would go when I decided to take a trapeze class with two bad hips and a bad back.  I figured, hey, I’m already broken, what’s the worst that can happen?  I never, ever expected to have so much fun or feel so much more like myself than I have felt in months.

You know what hanging from a trapeze does not do?  It does not demand that weight and stress be pushed down on your hips.  It does not result in repeated shocks to your hip and back.  Instead, you have to use your core and upper body strength (I apparently forgot that my body was made up of parts that are NOT my hips) to hold you up, to cause your legs to swing, to float and to fly.  Was it super easy?  No, not if you want to try to do cool things.  But I don’t like super easy.  I like to be pushed and I really like to not do so well at things and try to get better through practice.  And you know what else?  It’s really really fun (and yes, I am scheduled to do it at least three more times before the season is over).

It’s likely that I won’t be able to do it next season because i will be recovering, but that’s OK.  It was just really nice to feel like a normal, not so broken version of myself, even if only for a few hours.


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