Lab reports should not be delivered after hours

So I got the report of my CT Scans and X-Rays.  They came in the mail on Friday and I noticed them at about 10pm.  Despite feeling absolutely craptacular from my cold, I managed to obsessively disect the information for two hours.  I fee like some sort of tragic and far less stylish version of Sherlock Holmes, except the clues are laid out in front of me and all I have to do is “search” the internet for answers (i.e., plug in the numbers and see what other people like me have already said).  Basically, it was exciting but not that exciting.

Like a good detective, I have developed a theory based on the information provided.  I think that finding a theory has helped to distract me from the fact that I have more than a week until my actual appointment when a legitimate doctor with a degree and skills can tell me what the hell I should be doing.  But until I have further assistance, I am on my own to find the answers.

Theory 1 – I have dysplasia in my right hip and will ultimately need a PAOBUTsince the dysplasia is mild, there is going to a lot of waffling back and forth about whether it is necessary but then it’s going to become apparent that since my labrum is retorn (Theory 1(a) is that I tore my labrum again), the only long term alternative is a PAO.

Theory 2 – I have mixed CAM pincer inpingement and retroversion of the acetabulum.  OK, this isn’t really a theory because it’s what my imaging report says from my CT scan, so I guess my theory is that I am going to need an arthroscopy to repair the impingement (an acetabuloplasty and a femoral neck osteoplasty).  Theory 2(a) which I seriously doubt is that I am going to need a reverse acetabular periacetabular osteotomy (a reverse PAO) but, again, I think there is about a 2% chance of that happening.

So now I wait, and go see my doctor, and get a second opinion.  I just want to have a plan and to know what I need to do and get going so that someday soon, I can get my life back.  That, I would really like.

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