Tiny fall, big reminder

I have been both surprised by and proud of how positive an attitude I have had leading up to and following my surgery. I’ve honestly been really upbeat and feeling really good in general, hitting recovery milestones with flying colors. I believe that my positive attitude has gone a long way toward my recovery.

Unfortunately, a positive attitude can only get me so far. I also have to be careful to not overdo it and not forget that my hips are still really unstable. And when I do forget? Well I fall down, just a little.

I was putting some things away in a lower drawer in my apartment this evening and was in a squat position. It’s never been painful for me to get into this position but standing up from it, unaided, has been a practical impossibility even before I had surgery. Couple that with a terrible sinus / allergy problem that has made me dizzy several times today. So I tried to get back up today and basically fell backward, landing on my left (non-surgical) hip and cutting up my hands on a drawer. I was really surprised by how much I was shaken by it and had to take a few minutes of sitting before I could climb my way to standing. Both hips have been sore and aching a little extra as a result but I’m sure it’s just from being jarred – no long term damage.

Big small

Thank you, dear Matroyshka dolls, for helping to explain the difference between something tiny and something big.

It made me think though about how uncareful I have been when I am home. When I leave the house I am super cautious, use my crutches, wear sensible shoes with good traction, and never go too fast. When I am home I wear slippery socks and seldom use my crutches or walker and I find myself forgetting that I absolutely should be doing so. I forget that I’m not truly better, even if I can get around my little Brooklyn apartment.

So I’ve learned from my tiny fall — I still have a super positive attitude but it will be tempered by care.

Next up? Physical therapy starts on Thursday followed by early morning appointments with my ENT and allergist on Friday to get this evil sinus / allergy problem figured out. Onward and upward!

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