Monthly Archives: December 2012

Made it, mostly

Let me preface this post by saying it is going to be short and possibly a but incoherent.

So I made it though the surgery (yea!) – started around 9:00am, I would up somewhere around 1 or 2pm. Lots of pain. I then had a complication that has resulted with total numbness of my right foot, though it seems to be getting a bit better. I’ve been in the ICU getting poked and prodded – it does not seem like foot drop (look it up) which is good news. Hopefully it will clear up and I can move into a room tomorrow.

Better update (and photos) tomorrow but for now I try to sleep.


One more day

…one day more. So my surgery is tomorrow, as in the day after today, as in I’ll get up tomorrow and have my surgery. I thought I’d be freaking out by now, spastic like. In reality I am cool as a cucumber. Totally calm, not nearly as concerned about the people around me who seem understandably worried. It is, after all, a big surgery. This isn’t any out patient surgery. No, this is a kick you in the teeth, knock you down, full on drag out surgery. After all, they are breaking my pelvis 3 times and moving bones and screwing me back together. So why am I not concerned?

I had my pre-op appointment and surgical pre-clearance last week. They drew blood and took X-rays. I met with my doctor who pointed out where they would be doing the cuts and what tools they will use (a saw for 2 cuts and a chisel for 1). We discussed the physical therapy I would have to do (super mild) and that I won’t be walking for a while (at least 6 weeks non weight bearing on crutches + tbd). The doctor said I’d be in the hospital for 4-5 days. And yet, I am totally unconcerned.

I am more concerned about the fact that I’m NOT concerned than I am about the surgery. I have been busy and have had a lot to do so maybe I’m just distracted. Maybe. I think I’m just ok with it all. We’ll see once I wake up tomorrow how chill I am.

Finally, I think I’ll be updating this a lot more starting tomorrow. You know, the day of my surgery.